Monty straw hat golden

Monty straw hat golden

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Wide brimmed natural straw hat with a dented round crown and a flat brim. It is made from a vintage handwoven golden wheat straw called “Florentine” from Italy.

Monty is finished with a handwoven ribbon from natural linen with tassels and lined with a soft Rayon hatband. Handmade in Australia

Main: 100% Italian wheat straw
Ribbon: 100% natural linen
Lining: 100% Rayon

This quality is no longer made and only available in limited stock. This specific type of straw is also known as “Florentine” because it originates from the region of Florence/Italy. In a special technique, little handwoven straw ribbons have been seamlessly hand sewn into a Capeline shape. Due to the natural material and its handmade origin, every piece is unique and might slightly vary in colour, weave or shape.


Crown height: 12cm approx.
Brim width: 9cm approx.

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