about leophil

LEOPHIL is a conscious Women’s wear label based in Sydney. Our philosophy is to create beautiful, modern and timeless clothes and accessories from the best natural fibres with the least possible harm to the environment, animals and humans.
We embrace a wardrobe that is not driven by short lived trends and fast fashion but by contemporary pieces who enhance a wearer’s style. We love our products to be reused and re-styled over many seasons. 

LEOPHIL is inspired by artisanal skills of traditional crafts and the art of couture, our style is classical with a drizzle of casual street style attitude. We think a modern wardrobe should be less but better made and incorporate pieces that are versatile, functional and comfortable beside being beautiful.

As a graduate of the Academy of Art and Design, Basel, Switzerland and a trained milliner, Valerie Jantz has honed her skills at Unit:Markus Huemer in New York and Didier Angelo haute couture atelier in Paris. Before launching her own label LEOPHIL in 2018, Jantz worked as a fashion stylist for eight years in advertising, tv commercials, fashion editorials and interior styling.

She has also been awarded with the Swiss Design Prize for best fashion design with her previous work.

contemporary women’s wear with a conscious soul

“It is a fact that the fashion industry has a greatly negative impact on our environment on many levels. As the owner of a fashion brand, I have the chance to take responsibility and create fashion that incorporates conscious practices in every aspect and every step of the design process. I therefore wanted to created a brand that is inclusive, considered and respectful. “ Valerie Jantz, Founder and Designer, LEOPHIL // 2019

Some of LEOPHIL’s key pillars are using natural and sustainable fibres and fabrics from certified mills, paying fair wages and support local production whenever possible, creating considered designs that increase the longevity and wearability of a product, reducing waste through clever design and advanced production techniques and stop using plastics.

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LEOPHIL is a member of the AFC