care & sizing

We hope you are enjoying our products for a long time. To help prolong the life of your purchase, follow this additional information on recommended care and handling.
Please always refer to the care label on your item first.


To handwash your knitwear in lukewarm water, we recommend using a mild and eco-friendly detergent that is suitable for wool and delicates. Do not use stain soaps on wool. Rinse in plenty of water to remove all soap. Never rub or wring your knits as this will activate a felting process and can damage your garment - instead just carefully move it around in the water and give it a gentle squeeze.

All knitted products should never be overly stressed, manipulated or hanged to dry in order to keep their original shape and quality.
To remove excess water, lay the item out on a towel, gently roll up (like a sausage roll) and lightly press. Unroll and reshape by hand. Leave it to dry laid flat, away from radiators and direct sunlight. Never tumble dry woolen garments.

Some pilling can occur naturally and is not a sign of poor quality. Areas of your body where rubbing is common (like on the side of your body against the arm or from outerwear worn over your knitwear), the fibres will be mechanically stressed and can cause pilling.

Only store knitwear clean and completely dry. To store your knitwear, it is therefore important to wash it prior to packing away for a longer time. Odor and dirt can attract moths which can destroy your garment. Simply fold the clean and dry garment and place it in our complimentary LEOPHIL dust bag to protect it from dust and rubbing. You can additionally add a lavender bag to protect your knitwear from moths.

Wool can break if it is overly stressed or pulled abruptly with any sharp item. Please keep this in mind and be careful when wearing jewellery, belt buckles, garments with metal zippers or velcros, handbags with metal parts, or similar items which might cause damage to your knitwear.


Felt and straw hats must not be washed. We use fine millinery felt which is not pre-treated for wet conditions. If your felt hat gets damp from light rain, it should always be dried in its original shape. You can dry all flat brimmed felt hats, and hats with an upward shaped brim flat on a surface. Fill the crown loosely with white tissue or butcher’s paper. If the brim has a downward shape, fill the crown with paper and place the hat on a bottle to dry.

All straw hats should not get wet altogether. Especially very light straws can lose their shape entirely or get damaged.
Please note that the Rayon ribbons we use can slightly shrink when becoming wet.

Straw colours may become faded from extensive UV light and we cannot guarantee that our hats protect you fully from harmful UV lights.


Please always read the care instruction card, included in the box. All silk scarves are pre-washed and can be hand washed with a gentle detergent and dried in the shade. Iron on low (silk setting) or carefully steam with a handheld steamer.
Do not use bleach, do not tumble dry, do not dry clean.


Our knitwear is based on the body measurements in this size chart. To get the fit as intended, please choose the garment size closest to your body measurements.

knitwear size chart (in cm)

size XS S M L
bust 84 88 92 96
waist 64 68 72 76
hip 90 94 98 102

how to measure your body

Take only a soft measuring tape to measure your body and head. Fit the measuring tape horizontally and snug but not too tight around your body. It is easier to get accurate results if you measure in front of a mirror while only wearing your underwear.

Over the fullest part of your bust, and straight over your back

Circle your natural waistline - the slimmest part - located a little above your belly button and below the rib cage.

Around your widest part of the hips, over your buttocks

body length
Our measurements are taken from the shoulder point down. You will find your shoulder point at the highest point of your shoulder, right where your neck starts. Hold the tape, starting at the shoulder point, and let it hang vertically down in front of your body.

arm length
Starting from the shoulder point (see body length), hold the tape with one finger. Let your arm rest along the side of your body and measure from the shoulder point, along the collarbone and down the length of the arm.


How to measure your head

Our hat sizes show the internal circumference of the hat or the width of the inner hatband. To measure your head according to those measurements, please do the following:

Circle the soft measuring tape in a straight line over the widest part of your forehead, above your ears and over the roundest part of the back of your head.
In general you should measure where you want your hat to sit. Heads differ in shape and form and not everybody prefers to wear hats the same way. If you like them to sit loser, size up. If you prefer them snug or wear them at the back of your head, size down.

All our measurements are in centimetres.

If you have any questions about care or sizes, please email us on